Getting Started / Comenzar

Getting Started / Comenzar

Getting Started / Comenzar
  • Welcome to Boabom

    Begin with this short video for an introduction to your Boabom Journey.

  • !Bienvenidos a Boabom!

  • Boabom Breathing Technique

    Learn the fundamental Boabom breathing technique at the core of the Boabom Arts. We'll learn the mechanics of the breathing along with two whole-body breathing techniques, one from Seamm Jasani and the other from faster Boabom.

  • Técnica de Respiración

  • How to Use this Course

    An in-depth look at the four branches of Boabom and how to use this course to study one or more of them.

  • Introductory Class - the Four Paths of Boabom

    An introduction to the four branches of Boabom: Jassu (warmups and exercises), Seamm Jasani (gentle movement), Boabom (defense and energy), and Meditation (breathing, visualization, and mindfulness). This class will give you a taste of what's to come in each of the four main sections of this course.